me 2017 monoHaving completed a D.Phil (PhD) in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford in 2019, and as a member of University College, I took up a position as Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy in the Departments of Classics & Philosophy at King’s College London for 2019-21. From July 2021 I am Visiting Research Fellow at King’s, and Assistant Professor of Ancient Philosophy at X University.*

I specialize in Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophy, particularly ancient moral psychology. My work is focused on prudentialism, memory, anticipation, pain and pleasure. My D.Phil research was supervised by Dr. Karen Margrethe Nielsen, and supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. My thesis was titled ‘Planning for Pleasure: Plato on Hedonist Prudentialism’, and was examined by Prof. Dominic Scott and Dr. Fiona Leigh. In 2018-19 I held an Analysis Trust Studentship hosted at King’s College London.

I previously completed an MPhil in Ancient Philosophy at King’s College London, where my primary supervisor was Prof. M.M. McCabe, and my secondary supervisors were Dr. Raphael Woolf and Dr. Joachim Aufderheide. My dissertation was titled ‘The Cyrenaics on the Anticipation of Pain’, and was examined by Prof. George Boys-Stones and Prof. Voula Tsouna-McKirahan. My BA (Hons) was in Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

I have taught Ancient Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Ethics, Gender & Philosophy, and Women in Ancient Thought at Oxford, King’s College London, King’s Summer School, Berkeley, and X University. I hold a PGDIP (Postgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice) in Higher Education from King’s Learning Institute, and am a Fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Association) in the UK.

I have served as the Editorial Assistant for The British Journal for the History of Philosophy (2015-19) under the direction of Prof. Michael Beaney, and Assistant to the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Project  (2012-present) under the direction of Prof. Richard Sorabji, CBE. From 2020-24 I sit on the Management Committee of the British Society for the History of Philosophy.