SS 2012
Here I am with my Ancient Philosophy Summer School class of 2012, having a symposium outdoors, while embracing sceptical doubts

I am very enthusiastic about teaching philosophy, which I have been doing as a graduate teaching assistant and lecturer in UK universities since 2012. I have taught topics in Ancient Philosophy (including Pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic Philosophy, Late Ancient Philosophy, and specialist modules on particular texts), Moral Philosophy, Ethics (Historical and Contemporary), Gender & Philosophy, and Women in Ancient Thought at the University of Oxford, in the Departments of Philosophy and Classics at King’s College London, and for University of California Berkeley’s London Program. I have also taught intensive courses on Ancient Philosophy (as sole lecturer) at Oxford’s Winter PPE School, and King’s Summer School, which I have blogged about here. I supervise undergraduate and graduate research students in a variety of areas in ancient philosophy.

A summary of my teaching evaluations from these institutions is available upon request.

British Museum photo_Dionna with busts of philosophers
One of my Summer School students following in some well known footsteps on a class visit to the Greek collection at the British Museum

I hold a PGDip (Postgraduate Diploma) in Higher Education, and a PGCAP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice) in Higher Education from King’s Learning Institute, and am a Fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Association) in the UK. These provide an important opportunity to reflect on and continually improve my teaching practice.

In addition to my teaching duties, I am an Assistant Examiner for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme for Philosophy, and have served as Admissions Interviewer for University College, Oxford.